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Membership Information


Membership has it's privileges. We offer several types of memberships to cater to different needs. We welcome you to become part of our vibrant club, and take full advantage of our "Hidden Gem of a Golf Course"


Full Membership   -  $1825

  • Unlimited golf on weekdays,weekends, and holidays
  • Eligible for weekend and weekday member tournaments as posted on the tournament schedule

Associate Membership   -  $ 1383

  • Unlimited golf on weekdays; weekends and holidays after 11:22 A.M..
  • Eligible for selected club tournaments as posted on the tournament schedule

Family Membership   -  $2,630

  • One full membership and one associate membership privilege; which must be declared
  • Eligible for two adult individuals residing in one household and presenting themselves as a couple

Dependent Child of a Member - $330/$100

        Ages 23 and under. $330 for first child, $100 for each child thereafter.

  • Minors have access to the junior tournament program
  • Unlimited golf on weekdays; weekends and holidays after 12:45 P.M..
  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult
  • Guest rates do not apply

Executive (ages 19-30)   -  $920

  • A young adult who is solely the member of the club
  • Unlimited golf on weekdays, weekends and holidays
  • Eligible for weekend and weekday member tournaments as posted on the tournament schedule

Junior (ages 18 & under)   -  $ 468

  • A member who is solely the member of the club
  • Unlimited golf on weekdays; weekends and holidays after 12:45 P.M..
  • Eligible for Junior Events run by the Pro in his Junior Program
  • 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult
  • Guest rates do not apply


  •  70 years of age (as of January 1, of the current season) Senior memberships carry the same privileges as non senior memberships.
    • $1,643 for Full Membership
    • $1,248 for Associate Membership
    • $2,378 for Family Membership. Primary member must be 70 years of age (as of Jthe current season) Senior memberships carry the same privileges as non senior memberships.


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                                           Rules Of The Rockport Golf Club:




          The Rockport Golf Club is operated under the authority of a board of directors which is elected by the stockholders of the corporation at their annual meeting. The board of directors elects from it's own body a President and a Vice President. The Treasurer and Clerk are elected by the Stockholders.




         All general  Committee chairpersons are appointed by the board  and their programs are subject to board approval. The following the general committees of the Rockport Golf Club. Each committee is to be headed by a board member and He/She must be the only member of the committee. The other members of the committee must come from the active membership.


1. Greens Committee:

    This Committee shall be responsible for all care and maintenance the course. The committee shall  consult regularly with the Greens superintendent regarding all issues relating to the course operations.

2. Golf Committee:

    This committee shall establish the golf course programs for the year including setting the schedule for all tournaments and course events. The committee shall set the rules and requirements for the various events and work with the club professional to oversee the various tournaments and events. The golf committee shall also be responsible for course ratings and handicaps.

3. Membership Committee:

    This committee shall be responsible for overseeing the membership including dues and assessment payments, and requests from members regarding change in membership status.The committee shall be responsible for handling al applications for membership. The committee shall present for board approval any request by a member for a change in status.

4.  House Committee:

     This committee shall be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the clubhouse operations  including the operation of any restaurant or grill. The committee is also responsible for overseeing all rentals of the clubhouse and will provide to the board regular updates with respect to the club house operations. This committee is also responsible for overseeing the upkeep and maintenance of the club house facility.

5.  Budget and Finance Committee:

       This committee is responsible for overseeing the operating budget of other committees. The Budget and Finance committee will make annual recommendations to the board regarding annual dues and greens fees. The committee will  provide monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors and present a recommended budget annually to the Board at the November meeting.  

6.  Rules Committee: 

       This committee shall be responsible for preparing and updating the rules of the club. The rules of the club must be approved by the Board of Directors.

7.  Web Site Committee:

       This committee is responsible for overseeing and updating the club's website.


                                                                              Course Rules:    
          Play shall be governed by the rules of the United States Golf Association. All members are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules and abide by the rules when playing. Copies of the rules are available in the pro shop and the club professional is available for any questions regarding the rules.         
                                                                               Course Play:
   1. All play is to start from the first tee. Permission to start from any other tee must be obtained from the pro shop.
    2. Practice and replay of shots are not allowed on the course. The practice area and putting green are the only areas  where warm up and practice shots are allowed. No practice shots are allowed if people are on the 7th green. Players  must hit from the mats unless directed to do so otherwise. The maximum length of practice shots is 200 yards. Pitch  shots are not allowed to the putting green.
   3. No group larger than a foursome is allowed on the course except when there is a tournament, or when permission is granted by the pro shop.
    4. All golfers are expected to keep pace with the speed of play. Any golfer or group of golfers who has lost one hole or is not keeping pace with the speed of play may be asked by the ranger or club professional to advance ahead to the  next hole.

   5. A golfer may spend no more than five (5) minutes looking for a lost golf ball.
   6. Golfers are to leave the green immediately after completing the hole,and mark the scorecards on the following tee.
   7. No golf bags or carts are to be left unattended where they will interfere with play.
   8. Players shall refrain from teeing off on 7 until the players ahead have cleared the green.
   9. All golfers must be properly attired. Any attire acceptable on the PGA or LPGA  Tours  is acceptable. All golfers are required to wear a collared shirt. (Mock turtle  neck shirts are allowed). NO METAL SPIKES. The following are not acceptable    attire. Tee shirts, tank tops, flip flops, ripped or torn clothing, cut offs, tennis shorts, gym shorts,  sweat pants,   bathing suits or other revealing clothing. Shoes are required at all times.  Any golfer not properly attired will not be  allowed to play.
 10. League Play and Ladies day: The Ladies league is held on Tuesday evenings from  4:00 to 5:00 PM, and the Men's league is on Thursday evenings from 3:00 to 5:30 PM. Ladies Day is on Thursday and tee times will be blocked off  from 8:30 to 9:00 AM.
                                                                             Tee Times:
  1. Members may make tee times for weekdays three days in advance and on Saturday of the previous week for  weekend and holiday play.
  2. Only full members are allowed to play before 11:22 on weekends and holiday  between 5/15 and 10/15.
  3. When signing up for tee times, please include the names of all members playing in the group. If a member is playing  with a guest, please note the number of guests.
   4. If a member is unable to make a scheduled tee time, they are to call the golf shop to cancel. Any member who shows a pattern or practice of scheduling tee times and  then failing to show up or cancel may be subject to losing membership privileges to schedule advanced tee times and will only be allowed to schedule tee times as non members

   5. The tee times start at 7:30 AM on weekdays, and 7:06 AM on weekends. Members are allowed to play before the initial tee times at certain times but must yield to the course maintenance crew.
                                                                         Course Condition:
   1. Replace all divots.
   2. Repair all ball marks on the green.
   3. Rake out bunkers.
   4. Refrain from dropping bags and flagsticks on the green.
   5. Place all litter in receptacles which are provided.
   6. Keep all carts 30 feet from all greens, aprons, and tees.
   7. Remove ball from hole with hands only.
   8. Obey all posted signs.
   9. Rakes are to be left in the bunker.
                                                                      Use of Electric and Pull carts:
   1. The club professional shall oversee rental of electric and pull carts.
   2. No more than 2 players and two bags shall be allowed on each cart.
   3. Only licensed drivers over the age of 18 may rent or operate a golf cart.
   4. When operating a cart be sure to follow all direction signs ropes and painted lines.
   5. Carts must be kept out of all wet areas and hazards.
   6. Children may not ride on operators lap.
   7. When playing the 4th hole carts will be left at the 5th tee when posted.
   8. When playing the 7th hole, all carts will be left at the 8th tee.
   9. Players shall park carts no closer than 30 ft from greens, aprons, and tee boxes.
 10. The use of carts is subject to course conditions and whether the use of carts will be allowed is up to the determination  of the course superintendent/golf professional.
                                                       Enforcement of the Rules:

   1. The above rules may be enforced by any member of the Board of Directors, the  Golf Committee, the Greens Committee, the Membership Committee, the Golf Professional, and the Course Superintendent.

   2. Violation of the rules should be reported to the Board of Directors. Continuing violation could subject a member to discipline including revocation of membership


  1. Members are to see that the greens fees are paid for their guests. Guests playing with a club member are entitled to a reduced rate greens fee. Sponsored guests are  not entitled to the reduced rate. The fees are to be paid to the  Golf  Club. 

  2. Members are responsible for their guests and should make any guest aware of the course rules, including proper attire.  

  3. Generally no guest play will be allowed before 12:00 PM on weekends or holiday mornings from May 15th to October 15th. Exceptions may be granted by the Club Pro.   

  4. Guests may play with a member after 12:00 PM on weekends and holidays and during the week.

    1. Non-members may play after 3:00 PM on weekends and holidays.
    2. Non-members may make a tee time one day in advance.
    3. Servicemen or Women who are home on leave will be extended club courtesy by arrangement with the pro shop.
    4. Non members are not allowed to play early morning golf (before 7:30 on weekdays and 7:06 AM on weekends.)
                                                             Locker Room Rules:
    1. No one under 21 is allowed in the locker room unless accompanied by a member over the age of 21.
                                                              General Club Rules:
    1. The club is not responsible For lost or stolen items.
    2. Any person causing damage to club property shall be liable for the cost of repair.



Rockport Golf Club is located in Rockport, Massachusetts at the tip of Cape Ann. Rockport is a short train ride or drive from Boston and close to the following other North Shore towns and cities: Gloucester, Magnolia, Manchester, Beverly, Beverly Farms, Salem, Lynn, Essex, Ipswich
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